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One-to-one business and office English course in HK

Oral English for work, trade and business

The business English course is for office employees, sales people, business owners and company managers who already can communicate in English but want to improve the fluency and accuracy in an office environment and want to master different professional skills like leadership, marketing, trade, finance, decision making, hiring and firing employees, business management, presentation and negotiation.

Meeting and negotiation

Just as in everyday English, in business English you need to master listening, speaking and using grammar and pronunciation correctly. The only difference between the general English and business English is the additional, business and commerce related topics like .

Business English for work in an office

Business English topics

Here are some topics for the course that may come up:

  • Business communication
  • Leadership and management
  • Presentation, public speaking
  • Business meetings and negotiation
  • Client entertainment
  • Marketing and sales
  • Assertive behavior
  • Strategic and system thinking
  • Managing stress and pressure at work
  • Work related principles and guidelines
  • Power and control
  • Self-development
  • Office politics
  • Time management: prioritizing, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Social media marketing
  • Finance and stock market
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Personal improvement
  • Human resources management
  • Logistics
  • Information management, computers, internet

Business English workshop

This is an business English conversation course and we do not focus on writing but rather the oral language elements. However, we can discuss writing strategies and how to improve your thinking and creativity for writing. That is, we can talk about the content side and not the style, grammar or spelling side.