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Topics at our English conversation classes

Discussion topics

  • The mind
    • Emotion and stress management
    • Strategic, system and probability thinking
    • Control, power, influence
    • Self-development
    • Changing habits
    • Effective learning and teaching
  • Relationship and dating
  • Business management
    • Leadership
    • Hiring and firing, interviewing
    • Motivating and inspiring
    • Marketing
    • Strategy and business system building
  • Communication strategies
  • Health and well-being
    • Healthy eating
    • Sleeping well
    • Physical exercise
    • How to lose weight
    • Meditation
    • Personal responsibility vs system dependence
    • Addictions
  • Topics about the society and social institutions:
    • Social constructs: language, money, rules, culture, symbols
    • Social institutions: government, education and health system, social network and taxation
    • Money and the financial system
  • Spiritual topics

Of course, there are lots of other topics. Some of them are explained in more details in our other web sites.

Group and one-to-one discussions at intermediate and advanced level

We're going to talk about various topics in the English lessons if you have already reached intermediate level, that is, you can understand an English speaker and express your thoughts.

The discussion topics do not require you to master English grammar but you need good listening skills.

You can start any topics you want to talk about. Sometimes topics naturally emerge during the lessons and they often relate to our everyday lives.

The purpose is to make you think in English and also learn something new that may help you become more successful in your, career, study, relationship, dating, health, emotion and stress management and understand the social environment we live in, etc.

Below are some topics. Many of them are systematically organised and takes several lessons to go through them deeply.

Conversation topics for English discussion