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English for Primary school sstudents

P5, P6 oral English course: speaking, listening, grammar and pronunciation

If your son or daughter is P5 or P6 primary school student and highly motivated to learn English, this course will help them improve their grammar, pronunciation, listening skills and speaking fluency.

The learning method in the class is designed for effectiveness and not for playful fun. If your kid does not want to learn English or have discipline, behaviour or concentration problem, please don't bring him or her to our school. Our method is result focused and requires focus, memorisation, and dedication to learn.

In the lesson I use my teaching material and I do not follow the syllabus of primary schools. Writing, spelling, doing homework and preparing for exams are not part of the English lesson.

primary school student in one-to-one English conversation course with English tutor
Primary English (P6) with an English tutor