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English grammar and vocabulary building lessons with a Westerner English tutor

One-on-one and small group English grammar and conversation course

The quality of your English grammar shows something about you to your listeners. You can communicate in English with poor grammar and pronunciation and English speakers may still understand you. But they may think that you are not smart and try to avoid talking to you.

People judge others by their language performance. And the problem is not just that you become embarrassed and shy to speak with foreigners. You may lose customers, do not get the job or promotion or cannot get into your selected school - and you do not even know why.

one-to-one English grammar course

You can do a lot alone to improve your grammar. You can use books, tests and the internet. But you need feedback from a teacher who can point out your mistakes and help you learn the correct grammar structure, words and pronunciation.

It is interesting that students at higher English level come to learn with me and they tell me that their pronunciation is not good. They are often surprised when I tell them that they have much bigger problem with their grammar than with their pronunciation.

The best solution to fulfill your special English language needs is the one-to-one course. Learning a language in a large group is not time efficient. You learn the fastest when a teacher or tutor gives you immediate, personalised feedback about your mistakes immediately after you make them.

English grammar course

Role play to improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening

In a typical English conversation lesson we have two different types of sessions. One of them is the role play session. It targets improving the quality of your English, especially your grammar, pronunciation, listening and vocabulary. The other session is free talking and focuses on understanding, fluent speaking and effective English communication.

It usually takes 3-15 minutes for the student to prepare well for a one-minute English conversation role play. The role play conversations will be selected for your level, which ensures an easy and gradual improvement during the whole course.

Both the vocabulary and the grammar parts of the selected conversations are systematically organized from beginner level up to very high advanced level. The role play drills will improve every aspect of your oral English communication: grammar, words, pronunciation and listening skills.

Although English writing is not in the focus, this learning method indirectly improves your writing accuracy, especially if you pay attention to the spelling of the words during your preparation.

Private foreign teacher teaches English grammar and build vocabulary courses

"The English speaker maker" method

I developed and fine tuned a 4-step learning method that helps you not only understand what a native English speaker says but also say the same thing accurately.

"The English speaker maker" method, as I call it, helps you develop a habit of paying attention to all the details of the English language, for example:

You will study a short English dialogue and its English script. After preparation you need to present the same conversation accurately in a role play format seeing only the Chinese version of the script.

A double feedback system "forces" you to do your presentation at high quality. First you test yourself and find out your mistakes. You need to learn, practice, and test yourself until you can make the presentation very well.

When you are ready, I will test you. I will point out your pronunciation and grammar mistakes. You need to learn and practise until your presentation is similar to that of a native English speaker.