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This website of Focus Education & Consultation Services uses the following tools and third party services:

They use cookies and each web page includes codes that collect information when you visit that page and sends the information to the above mentioned third party service providers.


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What data we collect

Among others, we collect information about the pages you visit, your visiting time and duration on each page, the device, operating system, screen resolution, browser and search engine you use, your IP address and the name of your Internet Service Provider, what you download, your search terms, visitor’s path and your total visit duration etc.

Why do we collect users' data?

We collect data to understand our visitors preferences and improve our websites. We analyse usage statistics to identify trends and improve our visitors’ experiences based on the available information.

Your e-mail address, phone number, Whatsapp and Skype information

If you contact us through electrical devices, we will have your contact data like phone number, e-mail address etc.

If you tell us your name, we will have that data, too.

If you transfer money to our bank account, your bank may provide full or partial information about your name and bank account number depending on their policy.

Data protection

We try to keep your data safe but be aware of that there is no 100% protection and safety.