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Meet the tutor of our English centre


Mr Zoltan Gregor established our English language education centre, Focus Education & Consultation Services, in 1999 and he's been working here as a private English teacher since then.

He got his MBA (International Master of Business Administration) degree at USC (University of South Carolina), USA in 1995. Previously he got a bachelor degree in Economics and another Master degree in Marketing Communications.

He started a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) program in Finance at SIU, Southern Illinois University, USA in 1996. He quit the program in 1997 to move to Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, Mr Gregor initially worked for other English tutorial centers. But he didn't like that those private schools crowded 10-20 students with different language skills and levels into a class.

After he failed to persuade those business owners that high quality language education requires individual attention, he quit and started his own tutorial business that based on high quality personalised tutoring.