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Adult English course in HK

One-to-one English conversation for adults - personalized learning with a foreigner English tutor

The one-on-one and small group English conversation courses are for adults at all levels: beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced level adult English classes

Most of my adult English students want to improve their English because they need to communicate in English at work: with their foreigner boss, colleagues, customers or suppliers who do not speak Chinese.

job interview

Others prepare for a job interview or promotional interview. Some of the adult students learn English to perform better on professional exams (engineers, accountants).

Adult English conversation course

These adults often work as: merchandisers, office clerks, accountants, sales people, teachers, lawyers, engineers, IT experts, waiters or in various jobs in tourism related businesses like hotels. Some students work for the government: policemen, firemen, immigration officers and so on.

English student learn for work

Besides employees, business people who own their small or big business also come to learn English.

Some student do not use English at work or do not even work (housewives). They just want to improve their English to make friends, travel or understand movies better. Some prepare to study or work abroad or plan to go for a work holiday in Australia or other country.

daily English

Some people come to learn English just for fun and enjoy interesting conversations and want some cultural exchange with a foreigner. Some parents come to learn English so they can help their kids to improve their English.

Topics for adult English learners

Here are some topics that may come up during the free conversation and on the role play section:

  • Office and work situations
  • Travelling abroad
  • Study
  • Shopping
  • Friends and family
  • Transportation
  • Movies, music, books
  • Health and disease
  • Money and investment
  • Self-introduction
  • Eating out, restaurants
  • Politics and government
  • Telling interesting stories
  • Computer and internet
  • Personal development, mind
  • Environment
  • Pets: cats, dogs and rats
  • Dating, finding a boyfriend or girlfriend
English for adults

For some of the topics I dedicated a web page or even a whole web site. See the site map page for the links to them.

workplace and office English

Don't worry if you cannot speak English at all. We do role play exercises which help you learn words, pronunciation and the grammar step by step. It is an easy way to make you speak more and more.

travel and holiday