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English conversation course with a foreigner: one-to-one and private group classes

Improve your oral English in Hong Kong - speaking, fluency, understanding and listening

In the conversation section of the English course the primary goal is improving your oral communication: speaking fluency and understanding, comprehending what English speakers say.

Improving the accuracy of your grammar, building your vocabulary and correcting your pronunciation are the targets of another section of the lesson. The English conversation section is for talking about various interesting topics without interruption.

One-to-one English conversation course

Our chats will boost your confidence to talk with foreigners. The time you need to understand me will decrease and you will be able to speak faster - if you practise enough.

Oral English lessons in a private group or individually

Of course, this English conversation course section is not for beginners. If your English is not good enough to speak with me, I do not force it and we just focus on learning the basic things.

Private English conversation course

English conversation course topics

You are always welcome to start any topics in the lesson. The best scenario is when we engage in a topic so deeply that we do not even think that it is an English lesson. I want you to focus on the topic we discuss and feel confident to express yourself without concentrating the accuracy of your speaking too much. Just relax and don't be nervous in the classroom.

foreigner tutor, 1 to 1 lessons

We can talk about what has happened to you or me recently. We can talk about your work, business, office or school. Besides our every day life, we can discuss our ideas and opinion about anything: the government, education system, financial system (investments, money), health and fitness, sports, music, movies, career, travel experiences, family issues etc.

Besides the spontaneous conversations, I have created many topics for discussion and for learning. If you interested in learning them, we can go deeper in them. Some of the popular subjects I use for discussion topics are: the mind, emotion and stress management, dating and relationship, success principles and self-improvement.