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Native English speaker tutor vs. Hong Kong Chinese tutor

Private English classes at Jordan MTR.

Learning from a native English speaker tutor has more advantage for intermediate or advanced level students than for total beginners. If you are a very slow learner, you may consider a local Hong Kong English teacher if you prefer cheaper tuition fee.
In my private English classes I usually teach on 1-1 basis so I can focus on your specific needs, speed and learning habits.

target the level of a native English speaker

How to speak and understand native English speakers better

Spend a lot of time listening to people who speak English.
Watch American movies and British films, listen to English songs or even sing together with the singer. Karaoke is a good way to improve your English. Listen to BBC radio programs.
Speak to foreigners but not only to native English speakers but also to people from all over the world. Get used to their different accents.
Remember, there is no one ideal English accent or English version. Even within a country people speak English differently.

Learn English faster

Learn English faster

Spending more time to learn and practice English in only one way to improve your English faster during a given time period. There are some other ways, too, that almost nobody thinks of. And this is often the starting discussion topic on the first lesson with my students. You can learn, too, how to accelerate your English learning efficiency.
The speed to move from a certain level to another one can be several times faster for a relatively successful student compared to a relatively slow one. And I am not talking about extremely smart and mentally challenged students. I will teach you how to improve your English faster when you come to learn.

Be a confident English speaker