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English content writing workshop

Improve your creative English writing skills

In this writing training we focus on improving your skills to write more effective content. It is especially helpful if you have just finished your writing and you want to improve it. Or, if you are in the middle of the writing.

What you are working on can be short, for example, a resume / CV, a cover letter, a love letter, a business proposal, an advertisement for selling your house or a sales letter.

But it can be long, too. For instance, you may be creating an information product, write a novel or a book or want to create a lot of web pages for your new web site.

Write powerful content

What I do and don't do in the English content writing workshop as your tutor

I do not write for you. You need to create your own work. I can give you advise, help you with ideas and strategies for writing.

I do not correct your written English: grammar, words, spelling and most aspects of the style. However, if the style relates to the meaning and the message, I will give you feedback.

My contribution and help is on the mind side, not on the technical writing side. I will tell you if your writing does not fit to the audience, if it is too difficult to understand, irrelevant, boring, too general etc.

I will challenge your writing from different points of views and help you improve your content. I can help you come up with new ideas, be more creative and find powerful words.

Be a famous author

Writing experience

I wrote a book "Mind Optimization". It took me a lot of time to write it and rewrite it again and again but it forced me to write and think faster and in a more organized way.

In this English content writing training we focus not only on your writing project on hand but also on your thinking, creativity and writing strategies.

On a personal note, I am not so eager to write and I am not an expert in the field. If you need a professional writer, you need to find someone else. I am an expert of the mind and thinking and that's why I can help you in this aspect of writing.

Writing skill is a very useful skill. It is not always easy to outsource a writing job so it is very good investment to train your brain to churn out quality content in a time efficient way.